Folding Reading Specs

  • Reversible, oval lenses.
  • Minimalistic design – in 2 trendy colours.

Ingenious: Reading specs and glass case in one.

Lighter and flatter than a pen when folded up. The temples offer perfect protection.

These reading specs have semi shell shaped plastic temples which envelope the lenses like a case – and protect against impact, dust and scratches. No extra case is needed. Open the temples: The semi-transparent “memory” plastic is extremely elastic and robust. It perfectly adapts to your face – and always returns to its original shape after use (“memory effect”).
Reversible, oval lenses.
It doesn’t matter from which side you wear the specs: The 16 x 7mm (2⁄3" x 1⁄3") plastic lenses are cut so you can use them from either side (the same applies to the straight shape of the temples which are 13.5cm or 5 1⁄3" long).
Minimalistic design – in 2 trendy colours.
The matt non-scratch surface is non-slip so they stay in place. Sturdy hinges and a shiny monochromatic frame. Weigh a mere 12g
(0.4 oz).
The purple Folding Reading Specs are the perfect accent for your stylish outfit.


By Lynnette S. on 22.01.2019

Folding Reading Specs

Great folding design - compact, lightweight, ideal for carrying in handbag for occasional use.

By Peter F. on 27.03.2018

Folding Reading Specs

I have been using this model of readers from Pro-Idee for several years now. They are so handy to use, and when folded, the arms give good protection, thus eliminating the need for a case. I just slip mine into top pocket of a shirt or jacket - easy! This time I bought two pairs. Hope these are never discontinued!