Wood Look Bench

Deceptively real with the look of sturdy wood – yet a comfortable upholstered bench.

Also ideal for your favourite spot in the garden, on the terrace, ...


Deceptively real with the look of sturdy wood – yet a comfortable upholstered bench.

Lifelike design with photorealistic printed fabric cover. For indoors and outdoors.

The effect is astonishing: What looks like a solid block of wood, is in fact a fine-pile fabric cover and soft padding, which is comfortable for hours on end. No splinters, no crevices: You’ll feel nothing but incredible seating comfort.
Elaborate digital printing technology realistically depicts every detail.
The block has a streaky brown wood grain – just as natural oak wood has. The strong oblong also features deceptively real cracks. At each end, the typical annual growth rings are visible: You could even count them if you want to know the age of the wood (fun and very educational for children)!
The cover feels soft – but is sturdy, dirt-repellent and waterproof.
Made of 100% polyester with a dense weave (200 g/m²), the fabric repels dirt and moisture. Splashes of juice, as well as raindrops, are easy to dab off. The weatherproof galvanized feet made of steel have polyester protection caps to protect your precious floors from being marked.
Stable, but not a heavy block. Comfortable, mobile and easy to transport.
The body is made of solid spruce panels and is covered with polyurethane foam and padding. This makes the bench steady, while you can sit comfortably without sinking in. Switching places is easy: As it can be moved inside/outside in no time, the bench is the perfect complement to any seating area.
Ideal for the hallway or dressing room, as an additional bench in the living room or other favourite room, and on the terrace.
Size 118 x 41 x 46cm (46.5" x 16.1" x 18.1") (L x W x H). Cover: 100% polyester. 4 polished steel feet, 20.5cm (8.1") H. Easy to assemble. Weight approx. 9kg (19.8 lbs).

Wood Look Bench

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By Barbara N. on 05.06.2018


The bench is well made but the colour was very orange and unlike any natural wood I have ever seen. Thought it was a great concept but let down by unrealistic 'wood' fabric. It is in the process of being returned.

Pro-Idee Internet Editors: Thank you for your feedback!