Sky Planter Plant Pot

  • Improves a roomʼs atmosphere in living and working spaces.
  • No dripping water or spilt soil.

Herbs, ferns and flowering plants in a stylish upside down plant pot.

Encourages abundant greenery at home. By Boskke, New Zealand – pioneer of urban gardening.

This innovative plant pot has the plant world turned upside down. Instead of just sitting at the window, on the sideboard or on a shelf, the plant unfolds its sumptuous splendour hanging from the ceiling – without sacrificing floor space. Several pots together form a ceiling garden, adorning the dull ceiling with greenery – much to the delight of every observer.
Improves a roomʼs atmosphere in living and working spaces.
The plants also create a pleasant environment in rooms with artificial ventilation.
No dripping water or spilt soil.
A locking disc and special mesh tissue secures the soil and plant in the pot. When you water the plant, the water is collected in a reservoir which supplies the water to the plant automatically and exactly as required – even if you are away from home for a long time. No dripping. No wilting. Sturdy suspension from plastic-coated stainless steel hooks with 1.5mm thick steel thread, 30cm (11.8") and 72cm (28.3") long. Off white plant pot made of sturdy, recycled polyethylene plastic. Easy to clean. Size in size S: 13cm (5.1") H, diameter inside 9.5cm (3.7"). Weight 0.2kg (7.1 oz). Size M: 18cm (7.1") H, diameter inside 14cm (5.5"). Weight 0.3kg (10.6 oz).


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