Barrique Stool

  • Unique, recycled premium wood.
  • Ecological furniture design gives the precious wood a new, modern context.
  • German craftsmanship.

Once a barrique wine barrel. Today a stylish stool – each item is unique.

Seat made of 200-year-old oak wooden staves. Carefully selected and handmade.

The staves from old red wine barrels give this wooden stool lots of character. The staves have been part of the historic Bergdolt/Duttweiler monastery since 1290. The slightly bent, approximately 24-28mm thick, lengths of oak wood are precious remnants of the traditions of both wine and barrel making, and all carry the history of long-standing use in the wine cellar. The remaining tinges of red wine and traces of black caused by fire and smoke are evidence of the unique function the barrels once had.
Unique, recycled premium wood.
Each stave is gently reprocessed and smoothed, which brings out the original bright colour of the wood again. However, significant traces of their original purpose are consciously preserved – as unmistakable character traits of the wood.
Ecological furniture design gives the precious wood a new, modern context.
The seat is made of sturdy, but not chunky, bent staves and is as comfortable as an ergonomically shaped seat. The simple, black oiled solid beech legs (diameter 28mm (1.1")) ensure stability. A timelessly beautiful design that blends in with any interior style.
German craftsmanship.
Practical, central grip aperture. Floor-protecting furniture gliders. Measures 28 x 39 x 46cm (11″ x 15.4″ x 18.1″) (L x W x H). Weight approx. 2.5-3.5kg (5.5-7.7 lbs). Labelled with the brand Magnus Mewes, one of the contenders for the German recycling design award (“Deutscher Recycling-Designpreis”) in 2010.


By Sandeep K. on 06.02.2019

Lovely looking product

Well made. Wood quality is excellent. I have had this over a year and use it in my hallway as a sitting stool mainly putting my shoes on.