A dream from childhood days: A rocking horse – now in XL size.

£ 1,199

Beautifully simple. Pleasantly affordable. And incredibly versatile.

£ 44.95

From the wood of the “Fortune Tree” Paulownia (Kiri).

£ 14.95

Ice cubes, treats and more served in a spectacular design object.

£ 199.95

Herbs, ferns and flowering plants in a stylish upside down plant pot.

e. g. Small
£ 14.95

Timelessly elegant, simple design. Much more beautiful than plastic or cold metal.

£ 22.95

Note holder made from real leather and soft felt. Holds everything – from papers to smartphones.

£ 45.95

Experimental versions of an ellipse as artful 3D objects.

£ 55

(Almost) as safe as a safe. Only your fingerprint can open the electronic scanner lock.

£ 349

Three trends in one: XXL light bulb in retro style, metallic colours and a geometric shape.

e. g. Bronze-coloured
£ 64.95

Stylish high-speed charging dock for up to 4 mobile devices simultaneously. Power 4 x 2.4 (!) ampere.

£ 74.95

A living artwork. Danish design to inspire your soul. Gigantic size. Weightless impression.

£ 299

The result of a perfect partnership. Stylish design. Many clever features.

£ 269

Beautiful indirect light from an award-winning design.

£ 139.95

Contemporary Christmas decoration that doesn’t look gaudy. Clear shape. Clean design. Untreated alder wood.

e. g. Height 72cm
£ 59.95

The first coffee bar for on the go. Grinds, filters, brews and serves. Without electricity.

£ 79.95

Made from veneered bentwood in a contemporary oak colour, it safely stores four of your favourite pairs.

£ 119

Folding table made of fine birch wood. Stable, mobile, versatile. Hand made in Italy.

£ 199

Convenient. Can accommodate up to 8 garment hangers.

£ 79.95

Will fit any model and can be hung anywhere.

£ 10.50

Instead of just waiting at airports or elsewhere when travelling, you can spend your time usefully in comfort.

£ 264.95

Travel in style with everything you need to hand.

£ 21.95

Makes working at your PC a lot more fun. Officially licensed.

e. g. Lamborghini Huracán
£ 26.95

The ”pencil“ for life. It never needs to be sharpened and won’t wear down.

£ 89

A fun organiser. On your desk, dining table, in your bathroom.

£ 47.95

Elegant tote by Oconi made from the finest calfskin leather. Suitable for men and women. At a wonderfully affordable price.

£ 215

The legendary lamp of Wall Street.

£ 219.95

The “CableBox™“ makes ugly multisockets disappear. In 2 sizes and 2 colours.

e. g. CableBox™ Compact
£ 21.50

Rotates 360°. Seamless height adjustment. With an ingenious leaf spring mechanism.

£ 169

Provides shelter from the rain for up to 7 people.Remarkably affordable.

£ 24.95

In trendy copper. Handmade from hundreds of metallic beads. Each one unique.

£ 167.95

The ingenious stool with a 180° swivel step. Perfect as a side table, seat or step ladder.

£ 192.50

Coat hook, organiser and designer piece in one.

e. g. 1 piece
£ 69.95

Triple threat for thieves: Slash-proof. RFID protected. With alarm.

£ 49.95

A great place to store your pens & safely keep your mobile phone,reading glasses,etc. from getting scratched.

£ 57.95

Gently blocks out noise and light. Perfect for a quick kip.

£ 65.95

In bed, on the couch, on the go. This hinged laptop table lets you relax while you work.

£ 64.95

Gleaming display with just one wipe. Perfect at home and on the go.

e. g. Smartphone, Set of 2
£ 12.95

Fancy design holds all issues: Space saving, organised, accessible. Now also in black.

e. g. Magazine Rack
£ 41.95

Elegant acrylic design. Sturdy, 100% waterproof, comfortable ergonomic shape. For indoors & out.

£ 156.95

At least 4 good reasons to use these notepads.

£ 34.95

The perfect side table: Elegant design for any occasion or decorating style.

e. g. 1 piece
£ 152

Create fascinating ephemeral art – a wonderful source of relaxation.

£ 26.50

Folds up instantly into a shoe or supply cabinet, filing cabinet, bathroom rack etc.

e. g. Clever Folding Boxes, Set of 4
£ 52.95

Extremely slender design. Neutral white light. Ideal for reading and working.

£ 144.95

Sigmund Freud’s famous couch rug: Probably the most remarkable workplace for your computer mouse.

£ 19.95
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