Gold Nugget Ring

Gold Nugget Ring - From Fair Trade traditional gold panning in Papua New Guinea. Rarer and more valuable than diamonds.

Gold Nugget Ring

A real gold nugget: Extraordinary piece of unique jewellery, formed by nature.

From Fair Trade traditional gold panning in Papua New Guinea.
Not made from molten gold granulate or pressed gold dust. These 1.5g (0.053 oz) gold nuggets are original finds from the rivers in the wilderness. Their crude and raw structures were formed organically by water and weather. This makes each ring a very unique piece of jewellery. The longer you wear it, the more magnificent it shines.
Rarer and more valuable than diamonds.
Gold nuggets from Papua New Guinea have a gold content of 97% (corresponds to 23.28 carats) and are one of the purest in the world. And, unlike large international mining companies which exploit the land and damage the environment, the Fair Trade “green gold” is still entirely panned the traditional way.
Designed by Gisa Golpira, Düsseldorf.
The young jewellery designer with German-Iranian roots has been frequently featured in fashion magazines and fashion blogs. Her ­mother made her dream come true to live as a gold prospector and is now the supplier of the nuggets.
The double band perfectly encircles your finger and shows off the nugget to perfection.
It is 5.5mm thick, made from 14 carat Fair Trade gold and  securely attached to the valuable nugget. (Due to the high gold content, the gem would melt with normal soldering).

An homage to nature.

Gisa Golpira grew up in the jungle of South America. As a child she accompanied her mother on her search for gold and learned to love nature and respect the environment. Her label Golpira uses the caption “no dirty gold” and stands for Fair Trade instead of fast fashion. Unique, handmade gold jewellery inspired by the treasures of the earth. Elegant and timeless, beyond any fast-paced trends.

Gold Nugget Ring

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