Non-Slip Shoe Covers, 2 pair

Non-Slip Shoe Covers, 2 pair

No tread has these non-skid properties.

For every shoe: Effective protection against nasty injuries in icy, snowy and wet weather.
Even non-slip shoes have trouble coping with slippery ice, fresh snow and slippery wet surfaces. However, now we have these ingenious microfibre shoe covers: Easy to pull on, they give your street shoes, trekking shoes, rubber and leather boots such a good grip, making them so slip-proof they feel as if they were “sticking” to the ground.
No magic involved, just simple physics.
Ice and snow layers are extremely smooth and slippery due to a thin film of water which builds up on them, considerably reducing the friction between the ground and the shoe. Due to the special capillary structure, the microfibre absorbs this water within seconds and the friction between the shoe and the ground is therefore multiplied which considerably reduces the chances of slipping.
They need as little space as a pair of gloves. Only weigh about 100g (3.5 oz).
Easily fit into any rucksack, the glove box, your handbag or briefcase.
Dry in seconds after use.
Made of premium microfibre (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) with elastic. Machine wash up to 30°C.

Non-Slip Shoe Covers, 2 pair

Colour: Blue

Size: 33-42

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