Ledlenser MT10 Outdoor

The rechargeable torch for life.

Easy to charge via USB 3.0.

Nylon case included.


The rechargeable torch for life.

13cm (5.1") long. Weight 156g (5.5 oz). With LED-protecting soft-start, powerful 1,000 lumens and up to 180m (591ft) of beam distance.

Unlike conventional torches, this one has a soft-start. Instead of immediately lighting up at full power, the performance is gently increased. In less than a second, the LED has reached its full brightness, yet an abrupt start is avoided. The integrated XPL LED is protected; its lifespan is thus further increased. In addition, heat generated during use is dissipated via the housing. It is therefore not without reason that the manufacturer gives a 7 year warranty on housing and LED.*
Enormous 1,000 lumens**. Up to 180m of beam distance***. Easy and fast to focus with one hand.
Lightweight at only 156g (5.5 oz) and 13cm (5.1") length, it’s perfect for a backpack, handbag, car etc. Single button operation for 3 brightness levels (1,000, 200, 10lm) and strobe function. Individually programmable switch combinations. The patented Advanced Focus System also allows for a continuous transition from a bright light ring (low beam) to a sharp, far-reaching, high beam.
Durable Li-Ion battery for 6 hours of light at the brightest level (up to 144 hrs dimmed to 10lm)****.
Charge via USB 3.0 (cable included). With quick charge function (80% in 3 hours, 100% in 6 hours) and charge level indicator.
Extremely robust. Splash-proof (IPX4).
Impact-resistant and shock-proof aluminium housing. Measures 13 x 3.2cm (5.1" x 1.3") (L x diameter), weight 156g (5.5 oz). Nylon case and hand strap included. *5 years manufacturer warranty (7 years with on-line registration).

**Light output:
According to ANSI FL 1 the light output is the entire luminous flux and defines the total amount of light emitted. The light output thus comprises the total luminous flux of a portable light source and is measured in lumens.
***Beam distance:
According to ANSI FL 1 the beam distance is measured in meters and indicates the distance at which the lamp still delivers a useful amount of light. The light beam corresponding to this distance is still 0.25 lux. 0.25 lux roughly corresponds to the brightness of a full moon on a clear night in an open field.
ANSI FL 1 defines runtime as the amount of time measured 30 seconds after first turning on the lamp using new batteries until output drops below 10%.

Ledlenser MT10 Outdoor

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By John T. on 14.11.2017

Ledlenser torch.

This item does all that it states in the product description except for the charging of the battery. The factory charge is yet to require a boost to prove itself. A small complaint regarding the carrying/storage item, it is not in leather as shown in the product description in the catalogue but is in heavy duty webbing.