Handy Ironing Helper

Perfectly ironed sleeves – quicker and easier than ever before.

The flexible frame does away with cumbersome sleeve boards, flipping the sleeve and accidental creases.
Stop fidgeting with conventional sleeve boards - which are often either too short or too wide – in order to straighten shirt and blouse sleeves. This flexible frame lets you iron any shape of sleeve far more easily and quickly – and without causing unintentional creases. Simply slide it into the sleeve, run the iron over it – done. Without having to flip or straighten the sleeve. Even difficult sleeves are ironed crisply without effort.
Can be stored on the ironing board frame and is always within reach.
Just clip the magnetic retainers (included) to the ironing board and insert the 18/10 stainless steel sleeve frame. Frame length 55/60cm (21 2/3”/23 2/3”). Weighs 120g (4.2 oz).

Handy Ironing Helper

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  • Simply remove the flexible frame from the included magnetic retainer and slide the open side into the sleeve starting at the cuff. Now you can easily iron the taut sleeve and cuff.