eyeCard®, Set of 2

eyeCard®, Set of 2 - 2.5-fold magnification. Practical at home and on the road. Even if you already wear specs.
Tucked away in its practical plastic case you’ll always have the eyeCard® with you.

eyeCard®, Set of 2

Your handiest magnifying glass – no bigger than a credit card.

With a 2.5-fold magnification. Practical at home and on the road. Allows you to work with both hands.
Now you can finally read the small print even when you’re out and about. This eyeCard® measures a flat 2mm and weighs a mere 5g so you’ll be able to carry it with you in your wallet or purse. Just clamp it to your nose to see the tiny writing on tickets, timetables, leaflets ... with a clear and distortion-free 2.5-fold magnification. Flexible nose section prevents the eyeCard® from slipping.
Both hands free: Also ideal to do handiwork and fiddly jobs.
You won’t have to continuously interrupt your work like you would with handheld magnifying glasses. Also great if you already wear specs.
Made from shatterproof plastic. Measures 85 x 50 x 2mm (3 1⁄3" x 2" x 1⁄10"). With plastic case.

eyeCard®, Set of 2

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Rajeev S. - Noida, 9 September 2016 08:07 h

Eye Card An Innovative Way to Convenience

A very useful product which I have been using over 5 years. Unfortunately this is not available at most places In the world Who soever has seen me using this has inquired about the place of purchase