Chameleon Umbrella

Ingenious: Rain transforms this umbrella into a “work of art”.

Far more original and stylish than a regular umbrella: The large white splodges on the charcoal-coloured canopy will surely attract a lot of attention. But the show is perfected when drops of water hit the white areas of the umbrella: They quickly transform into bright spots of colour. And as soon as the umbrella dries, the colours will magically disappear again. (It’s also a great way to tell if your umbrella is wet or dry.)
Available in the MoMa Shop in New York – or directly from Pro-Idee. Robust aluminium frame. Windproof up to wind factor 6. Only about 25cm (10") long when folded up. Weighs approx. 200g (7 oz). With a generous 98cm (3ft) in diameter canopy. Canopy 100% polyester. With protective sleeve.

Chameleon Umbrella

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