CD/DVD Organiser

Store your CDs in style: The selected CD at the touch of a button.

Just press the button with the corresponding number (1 – 100) and the organiser opens and presents your selected CD.


Store your CDs in style: The selected CD at the touch of a button.

100 CDs: Well protected & perfectly organised. Space-saving storage.

One hundred CDs stored in roughly 33cm (13”) (!). This organiser needs up to 70% less space than typical jewel cases do. And the best feature: There’s no more extensive searching. Just push a button to open the index, select the CD number you want, and then press the button a second time. The CD is silently ejected and easy to take out – without leaving fingerprints or scratches (which unfortunately often the case with other types of packaging).
Top quality workmanship with grained artificial leather cover and contrasting stitches in a lighter colour.
Nothing like the typical plastic boxes usually available (which you would prefer to hide in the cupboard anyway). This organiser will look great on your fancy desk or mahogany shelf.
Also ideal to use as an archive.
You can inscribe the index label by hand, or with your PC or notebook. A corresponding tool can be downloaded here.
Measures 32.5 x 16.25 x 14.4cm (12.8” x 6.4” x 5.6”).

Supplied without CDs

CD/DVD Organiser

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Selected reviews

Barry J. - Wraysbury, 10 January 2016 18:29 h

Cd/DVDs storage unit

Just bought one storage unit, impressed with the size and the quality of the unit and the simple operation. Not filled it yet but tested and it seems to be fine, I am about to order two more now and get rid of the wobbly and dusty stands that I currently have, very happy