Automatic Pocket Umbrella “Magic Steelite”

Probably the sturdiest automatic umbrella in the world: Resists up to 62mph wind without damage.

Tested up to 62mph/ 100km/h (!) in a wind tunnel. Nearly indestructible.
Not even heavy storms and strong gusts of wind (up to 10 on the Beaufort scale) can harm this automatic umbrella. The super flexible spokes just blow inside out. A quick jolt on the handle and the umbrella flips back into its original shape without damage. Nothing twists or breaks. The secret: An above-average proportion of carbon in the newly developed carbon steel makes the spokes extremely strong and resistant yet super light at the same time.
Opens automatically in seconds. And closes just as quickly.
Simply press the button to extend the telescopic tube to 52cm (20 1⁄2"). And the self-folding system opens the small umbrella up to a spacious 100cm (39 2⁄5") diameter – large enough for 2 people. Once the shower is over, simply press the button again and the canopy will automatically fold down. 
Made by Doppler, the traditional German/Austrian company and the leading umbrella manufacturer in Europe.
Canopy made from robust polyester fabric. Measures 29 x 5.5cm (11 2⁄5" x 2 1⁄2") (L x diam.) when collapsed. Weighs a mere 320g (11.3 oz).

Automatic Pocket Umbrella “Magic Steelite”

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  • You’ll be hard put to find a stronger automatic umbrella than this one.