Handbags & Wallets

Holds your keys in the same way as a pocket knife holds a variety of instruments. Easy. Super light.

Today an evening bag with chain strap – tomorrow a clutch and a necklace.

Elegant tote by Oconi made from the finest calfskin leather. Suitable for men and women. At a wonderfully affordable price.

With extra storage for notes and credit cards. Enjoying cult status in Italy.

This classic coin case for purists fits in your hand & is a space saver, too. Enjoying cult status in Italy.

Party and dance all night, without carrying a handbag.

20 years of Bogner Leather. The anniversary bag is a classic yet trendier than ever.

For your front trouser pocket. Clever shape. Bison leather. With RFID blocker.

Slim. Elegant. Yet surprisingly roomy.

Feels like you're writing with a ballpoint pen. Maximum precision.

Hand sized vanity mirror and 10-fold magnifying mirror in one. With LED light.

Both key-finder and electronic leash. Protects your valuables from theft and loss.

The trendy bag shape – in a rare, luxurious version: The tote bag in exquisite calfskin suede. Made in Italy.

Practical folding case to fit your trouser pocket, etc. Magnetic fastener. Elegant leather.

Wallet and mobile phone case in one.

The flight case of American pilots in the 30s. A legend today.

Stylish handbag charm. And in case of emergency, an immediately accessible alarm.

The first automatic, energy-efficient handbag light.

Gleaming display with just one wipe. Perfect at home and on the go.

Money, credit card, identity card, … carry everything with you even in lightweight summer clothes.

The leather wallet with a patented security system for your credit cards.

Italian classic by Chiarugi/Florence. (At an extremely attractive price.)

All your essential items in an inner bag – with lighting.

More than just a neck wallet.

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