Refined LED lighting for your terrace, garden, as party decoration, … Solar powered. To hang or stand.

This plant glass in award-winning design won’t let your herbs and such go thirsty.

A real novelty: Easter eggs with glass thread interior.

The world’s first cardboard football table.

Now a decorative outdoor fire pit after many years in a wine cellar.

Highly effective beer trap for slugs and wasps.

Minimalistically designed watering pot: Modern sculpture and useful utensil.

Transforms any empty wine or champagne bottle into an attractive lamp.

The fascinating spectacle of real flames – safely behind glass.

Relaxing oasis, shelter from wind & weather. Movable conservatory, greenhouse, winter quarters for plants.

A stylish fireplace. A cosy wood fire. And the favourite place to be on your terrace.

Shovelling made easy. Adjustable to your height. Back-friendly.

The feeding place is right inside the bell, which protects the seeds from the rain and snow.

The safest place outdoors for your portable multi-socket extension lead. Safe, dry & free of dust.

Good news for squirrels. Soon to be the busiest playground in your garden

Watch birds close up. Sticks to your window pane with a suction pad. Frost-resistant.

Thanks to this stainless steel firewood trolley you’ll never have to haul heavy baskets again.

Elegant, secure protection for outdoor stairs. Attractive wrought iron look.

Always close at hand: The accurate fill level indicator. Determines in seconds how much is left.

Super bright. Very economical. Really hardwearing. Remote control with integrated torch.

Reflects beautifully. Looks great all year round in the garden and at the window. Also perfect to scare birds.

Brightly blazing flames – even if you only use leftover candle stubs. For outdoor use all year round.

The maxi tealight insert creates the illusion of a real candle. For indoor and outdoor use.

Maximum grip. Warm, dry feet.

Scandinavian Design. Interior Innovation Award 2014. ‘Special Mention’ at the German Design Award 2015.

Swedish designer garden art to make you smile. Stone-look. Hand-finished & hand-painted.

These outdoor boots are even comfy on long hikes.

Wireless: Light and your favourite music from your parasol.

A UFO light show in your garden. Simple to control via Bluetooth. Uses solar technology.

Cut even the strongest of branches easily in one cut.

No more annoying sand on your beach mat. US-patent. Large enough for 2 people.

Softly padded, with 5-fold adjustable backrest and hardwearing textile cover.

Spectacular model pig. Use inside or outside as an ornament, storage or quirky seat.

The cool box that keeps contents cold for up to 4 days without electricity. Even in ambient temps of 32°C.

Modern design. The 19.7" high stainless steel stand deters cats and other predators. UV and weather resistant.

Possibly the largest wind chime on the market. Certainly one of the finest in terms of contemporary design.

Robust enough for outdoor use, soft enough for bare feet.

Versatile. Easy to carry, space-saving to store. Indispensable around the home, garden, on holiday.

Superbly hand made. A focal point for your garden, terrace or balcony. Height adjustable.

Fascinating play of light with up to 17 colours – creating an enchanting garden.

For your terrace. No wires. No electricity costs. Now also available as a wall lamp. With twilight sensor.

Provides shelter from the rain for up to 7 people.Remarkably affordable.

The no. 1 trend at the beach, spa etc. Made of soft cotton with a fine terry towelling back.

Easy and accurate edging. Patented plug-in system. Made of durable plastic with 30% wood content.

Ingeniously simple drip irrigation system for your plant pots. Easy to set up.

Beautiful everlasting soap bubbles – made from iridescent glass. For use indoors and out.

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