Terrace Fireplace

Terrace Fireplace

A stylish fireplace. A cosy wood fire. And the favourite place to be on your terrace.

A fireplace in a new design.

In spring and autumn, on cool summer evenings or even when you’re outside in the midst of winter, this fireplace will always be a favourite place to gather around on your terrace. An attractive centrepiece on any stylish terrace or rooftop garden, be it at home or your holiday retreat.
A lovely yet simple design shaped like a chimney. The firebox is large and easy to load plus it offers a wonderful view of the flames.
The tall, conical shape will ensure maximum airflow so your fire will start quickly and produce a generous amount of heat. The wide firebox also enables a clear view of the flames from the sides. The large opening (24 x 26.5cm/ 9.4” x 10.4”) not only makes it easy to stack logs in the firebox, but also to add new material even while the fire is still burning.
Radiates heat all around.
So you won’t always need to snuggle up in heavy blankets and your stay outdoors will be more enjoyable for many hours.
The lower storage compartment keeps logs dry and right to hand.
The large opening (27 x 20cm/ 10.6” x 7.9”) is easy to fill with wood, and just as easy to remove when needed.
Thanks to the 1.6mm thick steel, this fireplace is extremely sturdy, durable and robust.
The matt black, heat resistant lacquer finish protects the fireplace from the elements. Over time, the steel will develop a lovely patina, giving your fireplace a most attractive appearance. All seams are carefully welded by hand. Size: 120cm (3.9ft) high, 34cm (1.1ft) base diameter. Weight approx. 14kg (30.9 lbs).

Terrace Fireplace

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