Garden Igloo, basic set with winter foil

Sensational dome for your garden. All year round.

Garden Igloo, basic set with winter foil - Relaxing oasis, shelter from wind & weather. Movable conservatory, greenhouse, winter quarters for plants.

The summer canopy (separateley available) provides pleasant shade and shields you from prying eyes.

Even in warm or calm weather the Garden Igloo offers perfect ventilation. Warmth evenly distributes on the inside. In addition you can open the windows in the entrance area for ventilation.

The robust, geodesic shape of the dome even withstands moderate gales and heavy snow. Strong wind even maximises the Garden Igloo’s stability.


Sensational dome for your garden. All year round.

With transparent, insulating foil. Optional summer canopy for shade. Extremely robust and stable, yet easy to transport.

Luxurious 10m² (107 sqft) conservatory. A relaxing shelter from the wind and weather. A portable conservatory or greenhouse. And the ideal winter quarters for your potted plants. An optional canopy provides shade for a Jacuzzi or paddling pool, spacious play area, elegant party and pool pavilion, etc. This unique outdoor dome can be used all year round for a whole host of different purposes. A spectacular feature in your garden, it is one you soon will be grateful to have.
Clearly superior to conventional designs in terms of sun exposure and ventilation.
Unlike rectangular shapes, the sun’s rays strike the geodesic dome at an optimal 90° angle no matter the time of day or season, maximising the sun’s light and warmth. Warm air won’t collect up under the roof as it tends to otherwise, and instead continually circulates along the walls and floor of the dome. This creates a balanced climate and the temperature throughout the interior nearly always stays the same. Two windows and the 1.80m (5ft9") door let in plenty of fresh air and allow proper ventilation.
Stable and resilient. Withstands snow and even moderate gales (up to 7Bft/61km/h or 38mph).
Yet this dome does not require a foundation. On a soft surface, simply anchor it by using the sturdy tent pegs or screw it down firmly on hard surfaces (anchoring system included).
100% weatherproof, easy to care for and and rust-free.
Thanks to the dome shape and transparent 0.12mm thick PVC foil, the garden igloo is an average 7°C warmer than a conventional rectangular greenhouse with glass windows. Even when it’s an icy -20°C outside, the dome can be easily heated to a pleasant +20°C using an ordinary fan heater. The ecru coloured sun canopy (separately available) is made of 0.15mm thick HD polyethylene. It blocks 80% UV radiation – and shields you from prying eyes.
Takes two people about 60 minutes to set it up.
No tools required. Sturdy PVC is easy to assemble. Base area 10m² (107 sqft), 3.60m (4 yds) in diameter, max. height 2.25m (7ft3"). Weighs approx. 20kg (44 lbs). Easy to move, even when assembled. Folds down to 79 x 40 x 30cm (31" x 15.7" x 11.8").

Garden Igloo, basic set with winter foil

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