Bird Feeder, Set of 2

Bird Feeder, Set of 2 - Watch birds close up. Sticks to your window pane with a suction pad. Frost-resistant.

Bird Feeder, Set of 2

Watch birds like never before.

The bird feeder in an award-winning Swedish design. Safe and easy to set up.
A strong suction pad holds this transparent feeding bowl onto the outside of your conservatory, a window pane, or the patio door. Titmice, robins, green finches, sparrows, etc. will soon become your constant companions. Unlike standard bird feeders, this design will let you enjoy watching the busy birds from up close every day. And all this at an exceptionally good price.
Awarded the “Design Plus Award” in 2009.
The feeder bowl is made from recyclable plastic and keeps the birdfeed protected from rain, dirt and snow. Both 6cm (2 2⁄5") diam. openings allow the little birds to serve themselves in comfort while they sit on the 2.5cm (1") long rubber perches on each side.
Frost-resistant to -20°C, UV-resistant and even suitable for dishwashers.
The feeding bowl is easily removed so you can clean it without leaving scratches or marks on the window pane. Measures 11.5cm (4 1⁄2") in diameter. Weighs approx. 130g (4.5 oz). Supplied in a set of 2. Also makes a great gift. From Born in Sweden®.

Bird Feeder, Set of 2

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