Bauhaus Style Bird Feeder

The bird feeder de luxe – in fine Bauhaus architecture.

A modern classic. Made from sturdy, easy-care plastic.
With this feeding station, you create an unusual attention-getter in your winter garden or on your pergola. And a meeting place for your feathered friends, who collect around it in colourful flocks.
Characteristic lines.
Just like buildings from the famous Bauhaus era, the form is made up purely of rectangles: As a cuboid with a flat roof and ribbon windows. Pure white plastic lends emphasis to the puristic elegance.
Built with functionality in mind.
Lift the flat roof: The large opening makes it easy to quickly and cleanly fill in up to 2kg (4.4 lbs) (!) of birdseed. Protected from dirt and moisture the house can store lots of food to last for weeks; peek through the window to see when a refill is needed. The grains always fall down into the open ground floor by themselves and spread into the feeder sections in the base plate. The railing is a comfortable seat and keeps unwelcome guests away. To protect the feed from rain and snow be sure to hang the bird feeder where it is protected from wet weather as the feed will otherwise start to mildew.
Made from robust 100% weatherproof plastic which is easy to keep sanitary. Integrated hangers made from strong coated wire. Can be hung on any tree with the included hook. Measures 18 x 18 x 20cm (7" x 7" x 8") (L x W x H). Weighs 770g (27 oz). Holds 2kg (4.4 lbs) of seed.

Bauhaus Style Bird Feeder

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