For Pets


100% germ-free, parasite and odour-free. With all-side protection for rear seat and boot.

e. g. Rear seat 4 doors
Starting at £229

Now the robins and other birds can nestle in an award-winning design.


Fresh and clean water for your dog anywhere.


Ingenious plastic design: Just pop it in place and fill it up.


Feed. Protect. Observe.


Always ready for repeated use - ideal for clothing, furniture, car seats, carpets etc. Available in 2 sizes.

e. g. Small

The first microbiological odour eater with an instant effect.

Price per litre £19.93

No animal hair can escape from the closely packed rubber nubs.

e. g. 1 piece

Delicious biscuits for pampered pooches. Great baking fun for you.


The feeding place is right inside the bell, which protects the seeds from the rain and snow.