For Cars & Bikes

No animal hair can escape from the closely packed rubber nubs.

e. g. 1 piece

Glare-free HD vision in the car. In any weather. All year round. In any light.


Winter gloves 4.0: Warm. Waterproof. Touchscreen compatible. And heated by battery.

e. g. Men

Smart, stylish, safe. With hands-free kit and Bluetooth remote.

e. g. Livall BH62

This high-tech alarm can save lives in an accident.


6 functions in one compact tool.


This magnetic clip-on light makes you more visible in the dark.


The ingenious car sunshade: Protects against UV radiation, heat, rain, dust, bird droppings, tree resin, etc.


Clean wheel rims: Ingeniously simple, thorough and fast.


The ingenious over-glasses with magnetically attachable lenses.


This ingenious solution ensures more order and safety while driving.


Finally better vision when driving at night. By Eagle Eyes®, USA.

e. g. Clip-on

100% germ-free, parasite and odour-free. With all-side protection for rear seat and boot.

e. g. Rear seat 4 doors, Size S

A dry garage – a clean house.


Achieve the optimum parking position in the garage. Centimetre precision. Even works for 2 cars simultaneously.


The reusable dehumidifier with patented indicator.


The first microbiological odour eater with an instant effect.

Price per litre £19.93

The legendary classic in pocket size, with luminous LED headlights.

e. g. Light Beetle 1964

Small effort for a lot of added safety.


Bicycle bell ball with 3 sounds to choose from. Award winning and theft-proof. Fits on any handlebar.


Ideal to transport green waste, rubble, firewood …Quick installation without tools.


Finally, a quick and easy way to clean the inside of your car’s windows.


The first coffee bar for on the go. Grinds, filters, brews and serves. Without electricity.


Will fit any model and can be hung anywhere.


Much faster and more convenient: The automatic ratchet strap to tie down loads.


Car care from the USA: Fast, easy and economical.


Safer and far more elegant: Holds your satnav or mobile – away from the windscreen.


Selectively filter noise instead of just blocking it out. Especially soft and comfy to wear – no pressure.

e. g. Pluggerz Road

NASA technology: 100% UV protection. But still rich in contrast and high in definition.


Sanitary, safe, prevents drips and odours – just toss in the bin after use.


The latest in sunglass technology: Safer, more comfortable, lighter.

e. g. Men

Just may be the humane answer to your problem. Easy to install. No power socket needed.


No drilling. No screws. Just hang them up.


Cleans without streaks in no time. For household, car and boat.


Insulates 3 times better than conventional cooling bags.

e. g. 25 l, 1 piece

Turn your passenger seat into a secure organiser.