For Cars & Bikes

Ingenious all-rounder that should be in every car. Spare battery system included.

Finally, a vacuum flask suitable for carbonated beverages. A stylish design in double-walled stainless steel.

100% durable & leakproof. Keeps beverages cold for 12 hours, coffee and tea hot for up to 6 hours.

A safe place for your dog on the back seat - and for all your purchases, boxes, etc.

No animal hair can escape from the closely packed rubber nubs.

Optimal visibility while driving using the synergy of two technologies: photochromism and polarisation.

Clean as if you are using running water, but without a hose.

Prevents windscreens from misting up and indicates when it needs to be dried.

Holds your keys in the same way as a pocket knife holds a variety of instruments. Easy. Super light.

Award-winning cycling overshoe with “tail light”.

Much faster and more convenient: The automatic ratchet strap to tie down loads.

Ideal Australian UV-protection standard*. Photochromic. Indestructible. Unisex.

Car care from the USA: Fast, easy and economical.

The ingenious drinking bottle: Can be opened and closed with one hand. 100% non-drip. 100% leakproof.

Digital technology on a small scale: In neutral grey tones (instead of diffuse green).

Safer and far more elegant: Holds your satnav or mobile – away from the windscreen.

Ideal for the car, camping, boats, motorbike tours. 12V connection. 16 bar pump pressure.

World novelty: A life saver for £58.95. Ensures the correct amount of pressure needed for a cardiac massage.

Makes it easy to navigate stairs and higher boot openings. Retracts to save space.

Stylish. Matt finish. Lots of extra features. Italian design.

Selectively filter noise instead of just blocking it out. Especially soft and comfy to wear – no pressure.

NASA technology: 100% UV protection. But still rich in contrast and high in definition.

Sanitary, safe, prevents drips and odours – just toss in the bin after use.

The latest in sunglass technology: Safer, more comfortable, lighter.

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