Flexible Cycling Helmet “Basic” or “Premium”

Flexible Cycling Helmet “Basic” or “Premium” - Stylish. Matt finish. Lots of extra features. Italian design.
This premium cycling helmet comes equipped with a rear LED that can be switched on as needed.
Size S/M fits a head size 55-58cm (21 2⁄3" to 22 4⁄5"). Size L/XL fits 58-61cm (22 4⁄5" to 24") perfectly.
Basic cycling helmet

Flexible Cycling Helmet “Basic” or “Premium”

Fits better. Looks better. And won’t make you perspire as quickly.

City-smart cycling helmet with flexible lamellae.
The unique lamella construction adapts to fit the shape of your head: Nothing wobbles or pinches. Soft velours pads on the inside ensure a comfy fit without chafing. Exceptionally large vents allow air to circulate around your head - moisture can evaporate, keeping your hair dry. Once at your destination, this helmet collapses to take up a good 20% less room in a bag or wardrobe.
Stylish. Matt finish. Italian design. By Carrera.
Inspired by the old Carrera racing helmets, this premium cycling helmet is lined with top quality microfibre. The lining is attached with hook and loop fasteners in the shape of strips on the lamellae and pads on the back and sides. The soft-touch surface has a classy sheen and is far more elegant than the usual bright, sporty cycling helmets. It’s a presentable accessory with stylish designer dresses, serious business outfits or when you are dressed for a casual party. Wear it with aplomb on your way to the office, an appointment with a client, a business lunch, the cinema, theatre, etc.
Lots of extra features.
Comes with a rear LED light (round cell battery included), adjustable chin strap with click fastener, brown leather belt to keep it folded shut, snap hook to attach to a bag or rucksack and microfibre cloth (100% polyester) to use as a neckerchief or head scarf, headband, face mask, etc. Complies with European Safety Standard EN 1078. Weighs approx. 380g (13.4 oz). Two sizes/two colours.

A real bargain: The shiny black basic helmet with smooth surface.
This cycling helmet has the same folding mechanism, but comes without a rear light and the multi-functional scarf. It has a smooth instead of a soft-touch finish, the lining in form of strips and pads with hook and loop fasteners are made of microfibre. Adjustable chin strap with click fastener, black textile belt to keep it folded up and snap hook to attach to a bag or rucksack. Complies with European Safety Standard EN 1078. Weighs approx. 370g (13oz). Two sizes.

Flexible Cycling Helmet “Basic” or “Premium”

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