Probably the fastest charging power bank in the world.


Ingeniously portable, protective and convenient. Developed in Australia.


Finally: Smooth smartphone videos – filmed by hand.


Also an alarm clock, calendar and countdown timer.


No more hunting for cables, adapters, pens and business cards.


Text messages, calls, or changing music – nothing will stop your run.


Fog-free shower and bath mirror, Bluetooth speaker and hands-free system.


Crystal clear and hygienically clean touchscreens in a single wipe.


You immediately feel like a television presenter or pop star.


It’s a real quadrocopter with 4-channel radio control and on-board camera.


Astonishing sound quality in pocket format. Wireless.


Complete karaoke facility in your hand.


Telephony, music, navigation, walkie-talkie, etc.


The compact premium audio system by sonoro, Germany.


Blocks and deflects up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation.*

Starting at £34.95

Gas sprung articulated arm: Continuously adjustable height. Rotates through 360°.


The legendary Type 2 Phaser from the science fiction cult series – detailed 1:1 replica.


This award-winning smart light with remote monitoring camera. Dual purpose. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


The new generation of motion detectors. Also switchable to siren or doorbell sounds.


Wellness oasis, alarm clock (with light) and powerful music system – in one stylish device.

e. g. Black

In the forest, at sea, while camping. Your mobile solar station provides power and light.


Communicate like Captain Kirk. Accurate and fully functional 1:1 imitation. Officially licensed by CBS.


Stylish. Impressive sound quality.Wireless.Compact.An unbelievable music experience from virtually any source.


Will fit any model and can be hung anywhere.


Makes working at your PC a lot more fun. Officially licensed.

e. g. Lamborghini Huracán

This French bulldog delivers top-notch HD sound quality. By Jean Michel Jarre.

e. g. HD

Both high-end speaker & iconic object. Developed under the direction of star musician, Mr. Jean Michel Jarre.


Safer and far more elegant: Holds your satnav or mobile – away from the windscreen.