Record Cleaning Machine ­Mera ELB Eco 24V

The ultimate in record cleaning. High-tech “made in Germany”.

The ultimate in record cleaning. High-tech “made in Germany”.

Cleans old and new vinyl records extremely thoroughly, but gently. For optimal sound.

Take a look at Hifi-Magazine and relevant forums and you’ll see that this record cleaning device from Hans Günter Hannl is considered globally to be the best you can get. Whether records are greasy, sticky or have been spilt upon, sticky record covers, manufacturing residues or just years of dirt build-up: Thanks to intensive washing with the legendary “Mera” even wet played records and flea market treasures become spotless again and deliver the best sound. Records that you have already dismissed for alleged “jumping” are worth hearing again.
Unique round brush. Extremely effective, yet very gentle.
Turn the switch and the brush roller starts to rotate in the opposite direction of the turntable. As a result, the cleaning liquid is sprayed powerfully onto the record and penetrates to the bottom of the grooves. As a result, the dirt is not simply “swept” out of the groove, but completely washed out, extremely gently and without pressure. The brush and the record hardly touch each other. Lightly soiled records can be cleaned in the “normal washing mode” with the fixed double brush. The powerful, yet quiet vacuum suction removes liquid and dirt without ­leaving residues.
Easy and safe to use via an electronically controlled automatic programme.
If desired, you can also set cleaning parameters (such as speed, direction of rotation, suction, etc.) manually. After cleaning you can play the record when it is dry.
Built in small numbers by hand in Germany. A lifetime investment.
Only top quality components, built in Germany, are applied by hand. For example, all elements that will come into contact with the liquid are made from rustproof stainless steel or aluminium. Even the detergents are specially developed for Hannl and are made in such a way that they won’t harm the vinyl, even when used over a longer period of time. Case made from high-gloss 10mm thick acrylic with aluminium sides. Feet are adjustable in height. Size (L x W x H): 38 x 38 x 26cm (15″ x 15″ x 10.2″). Weight: 15kg (33.1 lbs). 2m (6.5ft) power cable for 90-260V. The built-in power supply delivers 24V DC. Tested by TÜV Rheinland. Included: 1 litre of cleaning fluid for the round and double brush, 2 sets of replacement velvet strips, bottle to apply the liquid, microfibre cloth, tools and spare O-rings for the round brush, instructions.

Just a selection of enthusiastic articles in the media:

“I am really excited. All records are clean again, even the ones that were very soiled are now, after an extra long cleaning, in a state that I can honestly refer to as “Near Mint” (almost like new). Günter Hannl has an innovation in the rotary brush that is invaluable, especially with heavily soiled records. In conjunction with the standard brush, Mera is currently the most flexible machine on the market. True, it is not cheap, but it works 100%. Maybe that‘s the price one has to pay for perfectly clean records.”
Fidelity ONLINE, 7/2016

“Cleaning performance: Excellent!”
STEREO 1/2008

“We were able to demonstrate how exceptionally well it works, using some records previously washed unsuccessfully, and which had jumps. After a few minutes under the round brush, in a number of cases, records with jumps became listenable again.” HIFIanalog 6/2016

Technical specifications:

• Function selection via a 6-stage switch
• Adjustable cleaning parameter
• Power consumption: washing mode 18W, suction mode 140W
• Circular brush
• Double brush
• Integrated fresh water tank with pump
• Integrated wastewater tank with drain hose
• Grounded suction arm and central record pivot
• Antistatic record turntable

Record Cleaning Machine ­Mera ELB Eco 24V

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