Also an alarm clock, calendar and countdown timer.

£ 47.95

No more hunting for cables, adapters, pens and business cards.

£ 10.95

Text messages, calls, or changing music – nothing will stop your run.

£ 44.95

Fog-free shower and bath mirror, Bluetooth speaker and hands-free system.

£ 54.95

Crystal clear and hygienically clean touchscreens in a single wipe.

£ 15.95

You immediately feel like a television presenter or pop star.

£ 9.95

It’s a real quadrocopter with 4-channel radio control and on-board camera.

£ 49.95

Astonishing sound quality in pocket format. Wireless.

£ 14.95

Complete karaoke facility in your hand.

£ 34.95

Telephony, music, navigation, walkie-talkie, etc.

£ 139.95

The compact premium audio system by sonoro, Germany.

£ 269

Blocks and deflects up to 95% of electromagnetic radiation.*

Starting at £ 34.95

Gas sprung articulated arm: Continuously adjustable height. Rotates through 360°.

£ 89.95

The legendary Type 2 Phaser from the science fiction cult series – detailed 1:1 replica.

£ 119.95

Advanced in-ear headphones for exercising and everyday use with stable Bluetooth 4.1 transmission.

£ 249.95

This award-winning smart light with remote monitoring camera. Dual purpose. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

£ 179.95

The new generation of motion detectors. Also switchable to siren or doorbell sounds.

£ 49.95

Wellness oasis, alarm clock (with light) and powerful music system – in one stylish device.

e. g. Black
£ 349

In the forest, at sea, while camping. Your mobile solar station provides power and light.

£ 66.95

Communicate like Captain Kirk. Accurate and fully functional 1:1 imitation. Officially licensed by CBS.

£ 119.95

Easily fits into any jacket or trouser pocket. Also great as a portable charger for mobile phones, tablet PCs.

e. g. Set of 2
£ 48.50

Stylish. Impressive sound quality.Wireless.Compact.An unbelievable music experience from virtually any source.

£ 995

Will fit any model and can be hung anywhere.

£ 10.50

Makes working at your PC a lot more fun. Officially licensed.

e. g. Lamborghini Huracán
£ 26.95

This French bulldog delivers top-notch HD sound quality. By Jean Michel Jarre.

e. g. XS1
£ 499

Both high-end speaker & iconic object. Developed under the direction of star musician, Mr. Jean Michel Jarre.

£ 519.95

Safer and far more elegant: Holds your satnav or mobile – away from the windscreen.

£ 20.50