Stewardess Handbag

  • Soft cloudy colour nuances – instead of unsightly streaks.
  • Nowadays the flap closes with a magnet (the only concession to modern times).

Italian classic by Chiarugi/Florence. (At an extremely attractive price.)

This elegant shoulder bag by Chiarugi from Florence is already a classic by now and an absolute bargain compared to many other prestigious label handbags. About 50 years ago it was part of the standard equipment for Italian stewardesses. Back then they could be manufactured in large quantities which kept the price quite low. The price is still very attractive today which makes this bag an insider’s tip. (It would probably cost much more without its long-standing background).
Soft cloudy colour nuances – instead of unsightly streaks.
Unlike embossed leather with a simple glossy finish, this fine calfskin is still traditionally polished with genuine amber rollers after the leather has been vegetable-tanned, dyed and then dried. The gently applied pressure during this process makes the tanning oil rise to the surface. The leather becomes super soft with a distinctive grain and a warm play of colours. The shading subtly brings the leather to life and lends it its exceptional character. Wool is used to carefully polish it which results in a permanent sheen and a wonderfully soft, silky-smooth feel.
Nowadays the flap closes with a magnet (the only concession to modern times).
Classic rounded shape, leather piping and distinctive contrast stitching. Adjustable shoulder strap. Handle. Generously sized outer zip pocket. Inside with 1 slip-in pocket and 1 zip pocket. Polished, silver-coloured metal fastenings. Lining: Porc suede and fabric. Measures 33 x 28 x 7cm (13" x 11" x 2.7") (W x H x D). Weighs approx. 700g (1.5 lbs).
Worn facing the body, the zipped outer pocket is protected from unwanted access.


By Anne R. on 27.09.2018

Amazing Bag

This bag ticks all the boxes for quality, style, price and is perfect for all sorts of occasions. The leather is fabulous quality, strong, and a great practical colour to go with anything. I bought this for a trip to Australia to carry around with me on the journey and when out and about. It was a gift and I am totally in love with this bag and will be using it for years to come as the style will never date or look unfashionable. I highly recommend this bag for the awesome price I paid.