Twelve hand creams with the most precious essences from Provence, created in the perfume capital Grasse, France.

Price per 100ml £16.10

Ingenious blade technology swiftly rids feet of unattractive calluses. Quickly, gently and thoroughly.


Perfect skin care – very practical directly in the shower or bath.


Much more hygienic: The electric pedicure with suction function.


This small bidet offers a great feeling of hygienic freshness when on the move.


Ingenious teeth whitening foam with immediate and long-lasting results.

Price per 100ml £35

The Panasonic Ear and Nasal Hair Trimmer: Waterproof and hygienic.


As pampering as a luxurious milk bath. Handmade and 100% perfume free.

Price per 100g £10.78

Remove facial hair more thoroughly, more quickly, more gently - always and everywhere.


Precise, strong and extremely durable.


Gently cleans and polishes. Removes plaque. For a dazzling smile and visibly whiter teeth.

Price per 100ml £66.60

Toothpaste for ultrasound toothbrushes. No abrasive substances to damage teeth and gums.

Price per 100ml £4.47

Detangles your hair with ease, makes it easy to style and provides a soothing head massage.


Extremely fine microfibre to smoothen and deep cleanse your skin.

e. g. Micro Peeling Back Cloth, 1 piece

The easy way to apply lotion to your back - after a bath, the sauna, at the beach, etc.


Recipient of numerous awards for precision, functionality and design.

e. g. Nail File

Battery-operated and compact. Durable, yet light as a feather.


Brilliant pearly whites. Without aggressive abrasives, chemical brighteners, or peroxide.

e. g. swiss smile Whitening Toothpaste
Price per 100ml £57.90

Hair removal as easy as taking off make-up. Plus, it doesn’t hurt!


Triple milled. With precious lemon oil. From the supplier to Her Majesty, The Queen.

Price per kg £49.83

Removes make-up using only water, without chemicals.


A bigger, more powerful hair dryer. In ultra-compact (travel) format.


Beard care with the Original King Cutter – style from 1906.


Professional hair dryer: With ionic technology and 2,400 watts.