Foot File/Callus Remover

  • Incredible: Delicate skin remains untouched.
  • Ergonomically shaped. With collecting receptacle. And protective cap.

Ingenious blade technology swiftly rids feet of unattractive calluses.

Quickly, gently and thoroughly – with 95 extremely sharp 2-way-blades in surgical steel.

There’s no comparison to conventional callus removers with punched teeth which are often extremely sharp. This precision tool has 95 tiny blades etched out of 18/10 stainless steel – razor-sharp on both sides. Gently rub the surface of the file back and forth across the callus. It easily sands off thin layers of skin. No need to soak your feet, no need to scrub or exfoliate. Your pedicure is finished much faster.
Incredible: Delicate skin remains untouched.
Only calluses and dry skin are thoroughly removed. As soon as the file touches soft areas, the friction stops. Your feet are smooth and silky-soft all over, without the risk of injury.
Ergonomically shaped. With collecting receptacle. And protective cap.
The file has a sturdy curved handle which makes it easy to hold and use accurately. The removed skin is collected in the receptacle and can be disposed of cleanly.
In plastic/stainless steel. Measures 17cm in length (6.7"), 4.5cm wide (1.7"). Weighs 75g (2.6 oz). Includes a storage box. By Microplane®.

Please do not use if you are diabetic, have poor blood circulation, any inflammation or open wounds on your feet.


By E A. on 06.08.2014

At last! A callus remover that works.

For anyone who suffers to any degree with calluses/corns on their feet, I cannot recommend this product highly enough. It is so simple to use, and immediately alleviates the problem. I walk a lot and jog, and for two years I have had increasingly painful corns on the soles of my feet. I've tried every type of corn remover/ foot file I could find, and nothing worked, until I found this. This is a clever, well thought out design which only removes the hard skin, and does it quickly and easily. It's terrific.