Award Winners

Here you´ll find products which habe been critically acclaimed by respected experts, committees and institutes for their first-class design, innovative functions or exceptional quality.

Swings with one single movement from back to front, without loosening the shoulder straps.

With Bluetooth speaker, radio, hands-free function, clock & sensor-controlled LED lighting. No cable.

Pocket sized mobile power generator. With additional LED light, bright as daylight.

For indoors/outdoors: Never gets tired of training & playing with your dog. Gives you (and your arms) a break.

Ingenious all-rounder that should be in every car. Spare battery system included.

German precision technology plus Italian Design. Maximum comfort – for hours.

Charges 2 mobile devices at the same time. Really fast, even with energy-consuming tablets.

A fitness innovation. For an effective full-body workout based on the chaos principle.

The ultimate 3D experience: Head tracking and 100° field of vision (instead of the usual 45°).

Rare to find – vegan beard shampoo. Extremely mild and skin-friendly. Pleasantly cooling.

This is no everyday film – it’s made of hardened and tempered glass. Easy to apply.

Filing instead of stacking enables easy access and keeps your paperwork tidy

Award-winning cycling overshoe with “tail light”.

Cut like a pro – ideal grip, ideal guiding, ideal safety.

The footbed that adapts to your foot for perfect relaxation. Non-allergenic and latex-free.

Push don't pull. Lightweight with a huge capacity. With a separate "freezer compartment”.

Transform barren spaces into flower filled meadows in 4 to 8 weeks.

Feels like you're writing with a ballpoint pen. Maximum precision.

Rotates 360°. Seamless height adjustment. With an ingenious leaf spring mechanism.

Sturdy. Perfect panoramic view. Stable even in choppy waters. Complete with all accessories.

Scandinavian Design. Interior Innovation Award 2014. ‘Special Mention’ at the German Design Award 2015.

The amazing action robot: Jumps, films, photographs and communicates.

Runs 10 years on one battery. Miniature life-saving technology.

Ingenious charcoal toothbrush for brilliantly white teeth - in just 2 weeks.

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