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Luxuriously processed and featuring a faded jacquard design. With clever anti-stain treatment.

e. g. Table Runner, 49,5 x 145cm (19.5" x 57")
£ 23.50

An enchanting decoration – and a beautiful way to hand out your gifts.

£ 32.95

The light from within shines through hundreds of hand-milled holes and adds an air of oriental splendour.

e. g. Large
£ 59.95

With a raised head and a proud stance, the impressive deer is the centre of all attention.

£ 1,299

The highest quality faux fur we’ve ever seen.

£ 259

Even cleans niches and corners perfectly. Navigates with advanced 3D-Vision™ technology.

£ 1,159

The battery vacuum cleaner with up to 45 min. (!) of cable-free, continuous operation.

£ 224.95

Ultra-thin, with gentle wave structure. For serving and as a chic design object.

£ 49.95

The unique table lamp with precious olive ash veneer.

£ 215

Finally, the perfect cushion to read and watch TV.

£ 85.95

Luxurious towels. Innovative "AirDrop®" technology makes them nearly twice as thick - and they stay that way.

e. g. Guest, 40 x 60cm
£ 7.50

Stylish, comfortable and weatherproof – the perfect chair for indoors and outdoors.

£ 69.95

Always ready for repeated use - ideal for clothing, furniture, car seats, carpets etc. Available in 2 sizes.

e. g. Small
£ 8.95

The renaissance of a legendary automobile. Limited to just 500 copies.

£ 1,499

A dream from childhood days: A rocking horse – now in XL size.

£ 1,199

Protects clothing, shoes, sportswear etc. from moisture and mould. No power socket needed.

e. g. Additional dehumidifier, set of 2
£ 21.95

Elegant and unique oriental splendour – made from elaborately hand-pierced metal.

e. g. Small
£ 69.95

Traditional Christmas decoration in a contemporary design.

£ 74.95

This award-winning smart light with remote monitoring camera. Dual purpose. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

£ 179.95

The first microbiological odour eater with an instant effect.

£ 14.95
Price per litre £ 19.93

LEDs embedded in the glass bottom infuse your drinks with a mysterious light.

£ 31.95

Beneficial warmth in bed at the push of a button.

£ 89.95

A fun organiser. On your desk, dining table, in your bathroom.

£ 47.95

At last: Pleasing warmth from a fireplace dispersed quickly and evenly.

£ 139.95

From now on, the draught under your front or terrace door will be a thing of the past.

£ 27.95

Gentle snowfall – without shaking.

£ 34.95

Award winning: Gently removes tongue coating and stops bad breath.

£ 12.95

Wonderful warmth and style for your feet.

£ 29.95

No heat near your hand. No naked flames.

£ 17.95

You will enjoy this bouquet for a long time.

£ 129

Festive lighting in impressive XL size.

£ 64.95

Plays music and softly lulls your little darling to sleep at the push of a button.

£ 277.95

Wellness oasis, alarm clock (with light) and powerful music system – in one stylish device.

e. g. Black
£ 349

With solid, durable upholstery.

£ 129

Elegant shimmering gold colour. It could have come from a baroque castle – but it is modern cast aluminium.

£ 79.95

Enchanting bird songs emanate from a splendid tree on the hour.

£ 89.95

Simply flip over instead of switching it on and off. The ideal travel alarm clock.

£ 22.95

Practical carrying basket with six separate ­compartments. Made of sturdy, powder coated steel.

£ 29.95

Realistically flickering flames.

£ 12.95

At 5ft9” x 5ft9” also large enough for two. By Kero Design/Peru.

£ 169

With the Lint Remover you’ll remove pilling knots in a flash.

£ 10.90

Gleaming display with just one wipe. Perfect at home and on the go.

e. g. Smartphone, Set of 2
£ 12.95

High quality bonded leather: Waterproof, stain resistant and permanently beautiful.

£ 52.95

In hallways, on staircases, in living or dining rooms, ... but also as a doorstop.

e. g. 65cm
£ 14.95

Unique work of art. The olive ash grain is as unique as a fingerprint.

£ 1,299

Squeegee quickly and easily and aspirate at the same time.

£ 79.95
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