This magnetic clip-on light makes you more visible in the dark.


“Fireflies” in a preserving jar softly light up the darkness.


The light pebble illuminates your garden in your favourite colour or in changing shades.


The delicate floral motifs of the string lights are created by finely spun cotton yarn.


Ingenious sensor control astonishes your guests and provides atmospheric dimmable light.


As a decorative or lighting object, and always charming.

e. g. Without light

Clear design, unobstructed view.

e. g. 1 Piece

The first automatic, energy-efficient handbag light.


Tiny LEDs inside create a fascinating sea of lights.


Even more natural, more romantic, and more atmospheric.

e. g. 13cm (5.1")

Realistically flickering flames.


Elegant and unique oriental splendour – made from elaborately hand-pierced metal.

e. g. Small

Now you can light up your table, sideboard or windowsill with a fabulous ambience.


The light from within shines through hundreds of hand-milled holes and adds an air of oriental splendour.

e. g. Large

Gentle snowfall – without shaking.


Lighting installation in the twinkle of an eye.


Cordless LED light, where and how you need it.


Bright room lighting – it’s never been so simple.


Decorative 3-piece arrangement with realistic flickering flame.


The rechargeable torch for life.


Now, without need for a mains cable: The 180° table lamp with 3 light temperatures, dimmer and timer.


Brilliantly versatile: Table, hand and pendant lamp in one. Cable-free.


A movable light sculpture with an endless variety of gestures.


Atmospheric lighting for an al fresco candlelit dinner.


The patented glass lantern with a fascinatingly elegant interplay of light.

e. g. 1 Piece

Concrete and glass: The materials of contemporary architecture.


In Asia, a symbol of luck. In your garden, a splendid natural light.


Refined LED lighting for your terrace, garden, as party decoration, … Solar powered. To hang or stand.

e. g. Crackle Balls with Spike, Set of 3

Three trends in one: XXL light bulb in retro style, metallic colours and a geometric shape.

e. g. Bronze-coloured

Beautiful indirect light from an award-winning design.


Festive lighting – but subtle and delicate: The LED light star in a contemporary geometric shape.


Fascinating play of light with up to 17 colours – creating an enchanting garden.

e. g. 30cm diameter

Still made the traditional way – in brass and with mouth blown opal glass. Energy label: Lamp A++ to E.

e. g. Antique finish

Extremely slender design. Neutral white light. Ideal for reading and working.


State-of-the-art LED technology with 2 light intensities, built-in motion and dusk to dawn sensor.

e. g. One piece; Intelligent Solar Lamp