Glass Ball/Torch

Glass Ball/Torch

Decorative glass ball. XXL garden torch. Also a wonderful home accessory.

Multifunctional and beautifully iridescent.

Warmer than steel yet not as Mediterranean as terracotta: This huge ball made from thick-walled, recycled glass shimmers like a beautiful soap bubble during the day, and emits a powerful blaze at night. It creates a look of ancient magic – on your terrace, at the front door, in the garden...
Each ball is unique and features deliberately preserved peculiarities.
Instead of being simply smooth, the ball has lots of character: Smaller bubbles, streaks and dimples give the glass its special appearance. After the glassblowing process, the warm, golden yellow translucent colour is sprayed on and then baked. This way, the glass remains transparent and gets it subtly iridescent surface.
With the stainless steel oil reservoir the large glass ball turns into a fascinating torch.
Just insert the reservoir and the torch is ready for use. Oil reservoir made from 201 stainless steel, cover and burner plug made from matt 18/0 stainless steel 430. Includes 9cm (3.5″) long 100% cotton wick (8mm diameter). 80ml of lamp oil will let you enjoy 260 hours of fire.
Beautiful indoors with lights, shells and sand or as a Christmas decoration.
Size 38cm (15″) diameter, 43cm (16.9″) H with reservoir, 40cm (15.7″) H without. Weight 7.4kg (16.3 lbs). Easy to wipe clean, not frost resistant.

Glass Ball/Torch

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