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Magnificent porcelain eggs with hare motifs – and a touching nostalgic charm.

£ 29.95

Stylish. Decorative. And put together in a jiffy.

£ 36

Minimalist design turns your magazines and LPs into stylish eye-catchers.

£ 54.95

Also an alarm clock, calendar and countdown timer.

£ 47.95

A “white Christmas” with every shake

£ 37.95

For globetrotters and meeting rooms.

£ 66.95

Harmonises with any interior style.

£ 149.95

These festive illuminated parcels astonish even Santa Claus.

e. g. Christmas Bag Light
£ 49.95

Exactly right for playing, dreaming, learning, cuddling, rocking, etc.

£ 64.95

As a decorative or lighting object, and always charming.

e. g. Without light
£ 46.95

The hare tea light holder.

e. g. 1 Piece
£ 16.50

Generously sized, stylish and striking – with modern glitter embellishment.

£ 52.95

Carefully selected and handmade.

£ 185

Clear design, unobstructed view.

e. g. 1 Piece
£ 19.95

The award-winning porcelain classic from 1957.

e. g. Creamer
£ 29

Trendy retro design, awarded “FORM 2017”. Made of precious oak and aluminium.

£ 169

Comfortably supports your legs – and keeps your feet pleasantly warm.

£ 129

These hand-made wood chip trees are real treasures of Ore Mountains folk art.

£ 219

Enjoy the warm glow of luxury candles, ... that never burn down.

£ 17.95

Charming as a child’s seat, sculpture, shelf, ...

£ 219

Serving bowl, storage, decorative object, lantern ...

£ 39.95

Christmas decoration in seconds. Year after year.

£ 13.95

Ultra-thin, with gentle wave structure. For serving and as a chic design object.

£ 49.95

Made of natural wood and genuine cones, arranged by hand.

e. g. 67cm (26.4")
£ 39.95

This round-necked snowman will make you want to touch him over and over again.

£ 87.95

The realistic Christmas tree complete with LED light decoration.

£ 209

Art object and elegant table/doorbell in one.

£ 179.95

The fascination of physical phenomena.

£ 152

Popular metallic trend: Festive sparkles under the Christmas tree.

£ 89.95

Perfect for many interior styles to add a cool ambiance.

£ 31.95

Even more natural, more romantic, and more atmospheric.

e. g. 13cm (5.1")
£ 27.50

Realistically flickering flames.

£ 12.95

The light from within shines through hundreds of hand-milled holes and adds an air of oriental splendour.

e. g. Small
£ 39.95

Atmospheric glowing light – like distant glittering stars.

£ 42.95

From now on, the draught under your front or terrace door will be a thing of the past.

£ 27.95

Enchanting bird songs emanate from a splendid tree on the hour.

£ 89.95

In hallways, on staircases, in living or dining rooms, ... but also as a doorstop.

e. g. 25cm
£ 14.95

Elegant shimmering gold colour. It could have come from a baroque castle – but it is modern cast aluminium.

£ 79.95

Adorable, but not kitsch – without glitter or frills.

£ 29.95

A Christmas decoration that will delight your eyes as well as your ears.

£ 54.95

Decorative, but not playful. With subtle necklace.

e. g. Small
£ 44.95

Wooden star with an enchanting effect. Sparkling starlight adds a magical glow to any room.

£ 25.95

You will enjoy this bouquet for a long time.

£ 129

Keep your doors open with this stylish pin figure.

£ 59.95

Denmark’s iconic design made of fine porcelain – with a strikingly ribbed texture shaped by hand.

e. g. Small
£ 44.95

Pure nature: Warm merino wool with soft cashmere.

£ 149
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