Bed & Bath

Feels soft to the touch, flexible and without sharp edges.


Brilliant Finnish design: The wooden clothes hanger with a practical storage compartment.


Effective protection against increasing mobile phone radiation.

e. g. 1 Piece

Protect yourself from mites, germs and microbes in your bed.


Simple, clean award-winning design and elegant coating characterise the hip new look.

e. g. Soap Dish

Less bending and reaching required.


The secret behind the lantern is the glass: Mirrored on the inside, frosted on the outside.

Starting at £12.95

Cute bunny: Alarm clock, thermometer and night-light in one.


Everlasting beauty: Seven twigs make a fine bundle – as elegant as naturally grown.


From cosmetic mirror to table lamp in the blink of an eye.


All make-up utensils at hand. And no more entangled jewellery.


Stylish, versatile and never in the way.


Trendy marble top. Versatile side table – as elegant as a sculpture.


The extendable paper bed with accordion folding.


Light as a feather. Better padding. Blocks light 100%. Comes with soft ear plugs.


Charming decoration you can touch. Lovingly made by hand.


Targeted reading light – from a cuddly soft toy.


The cuddly soft thermal cushion with flexible hands-free strap system.


The oak bench: Now clearly more modern and elegant.


Traditional Irish weaving – in new colours.


Beautiful as gift packaging or decoration. Placed vertically or flat.


Cool, kitsch-free decorative piece: A chromed star with LED light contours.


Clean shape. Minimalistic design. Naturally beautiful alder wood.


Only precious cashmere is comparatively soft to the touch when worn.


Stylish, hand-crafted leather baskets – perfect for stowing, storing, transporting.

e. g. Large

Hand-printed with filigree botanical motifs.

e. g. 40 x 25cm (15.7” x 9.8”), 0.4kg (14.1 oz)

Clean, space-saving and multifunctional thanks to ingenious turning mechanism.


Unique, stylish, sturdy. Provides a cosy natural character.


Restful sleep even on hot summer nights.

Starting at £179

High-tech massage cushion in Scandinavian design.


No comparison to the functional look of conventional toilet brushes.


Ingenious bathroom caddy with 5 compartments.


Pure nature: Warm merino wool with soft cashmere.


The professional all-rounder among hair-styling tools.


Also an alarm clock, calendar and countdown timer.


Exactly right for playing, dreaming, learning, cuddling, rocking, etc.


Rest in a pure natural way – relaxed, comfortable, supported and refreshing.


Stylish bag for laundry, blankets, toys, … Gold medal winner at the renowned A´Design Award.


Carefully selected and handmade.


Neutralizes smells instead of masking them.

e. g. 1 piece

The mirror with cleverly integrated hidden storage.


Trendy retro design, awarded “FORM 2017”. Made of precious oak and aluminium.


Comfortably supports your legs – and keeps your feet pleasantly warm.


Even more natural, more romantic, and more atmospheric.

e. g. 13cm (5.1")

Elegant shimmering gold colour. It could have come from a baroque castle – but it is modern cast aluminium.


The compact premium audio system by sonoro, Germany.


Keep your doors open with this stylish pin figure.

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