Sleep Safe® Shielding Blanket

Effective protection against increasing mobile phone radiation.

Feather-light coverlet and protective shield in one. Blocks over 99% of high-frequency radio radiation.*

Mobile phones, radio masts, wireless routers, ... The burden of high-frequency mobile waves has increased dramatically. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that increased mobile phone radiation can trigger or exacerbate stress, sleep disorders and other ailments. The Sleep Safe® cover provides effective protection against mobile phone radiation. This is confirmed in a report by the Bundeswehr University Munich*.
Developed in collaboration with physicists.
Simply put the cuddly blanket in your duvet cover: In summer on its own and in winter in addition to your duvet. The woven protective fibre mesh BD 1 can shield more than 99% of incident radio radiation*. Material: 52% cotton, 46.77% polyester, 1.23% silver fibre. Measures 130 x 200cm (51.2" x 78.7"). Weighs only about 490g (17.3 oz). Machine washable.

*Physical test report from the Bundeswehr University Munich.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Pauli, Professor of High-Frequency, Microwave and Radar Technology at the University of the Bundeswehr Munich, report dated 23-01-2019.

The woven protective fibre mesh BD 1 can shield more than 99% of incident radio radiation*.


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