Silk Fleece Blanket

  • A delight against your skin.
  • Allergy sufferers can breathe easy.
  • Also perfect as a chic gift.

As cosy and lightweight as fleece - yet made of pure silk.

A rare luxury.

Soft, warm and breathable – this blanket has all the main advantages of fleece. However, conventional fleece blankets are mostly synthetic which makes them unpleasantly dry to the touch and often statically charged. Yet this fleece blanket made from pure silk is lightweight, with a fluffy pile and shimmering sheen. Plus it will never make your hair stand on end!
A delight against your skin.
Nestle yourself in this blanket and enjoy its incredible softness and cosy warmth. You will never be too hot because silk is naturally temperature-regulating. Moreover, it can absorb up to 30% of moisture without feeling damp, so your skin will always feel fresh.
Allergy sufferers can breathe easy.
As an all-natural product silk mainly consists of protein, which makes it perfectly hypoallergenic. The extremely long, fine and smooth fibres feel pleasantly soft against the skin without scratching. Also, the fibres don‘t shed or wear off, so no unpleasant fluff or unsightly pilling.
Also perfect as a chic gift.
Comfortably light 380g/m² quality. 4cm (1.6″) wide border made from elegantly shimmering, colour coordinating Charmeuse silk. Dry-cleaning recommended. Size 150 x 210cm (4.9ft x 6.9ft). Weight approx. 1,200g (2.6 lbs). 100% silk. Colour: Natural.


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