Elegant Fleece Blanket

  • A rarity: The gorgeous rose pattern.
  • Completely unicoloured available on demand.

As light and as soft as a cashmere throw. As easy to care for as a hand towel.

Rare, elegant fleece with cotton.

Most fleeces these days are made from synthetic materials, which make them feel unpleasantly dry, often resulting in static. This elegant, super soft fleece is made of 35% cotton and its natural fibres make it kind to your skin and breathable. Plus it doesn’t become charged with static as easily. Beautifully cosy and only weighing around 800g (1.7 lbs), it is sure to fast become a favourite of yours – for lazy spells on the sofa, evenings on the patio, as a travel throw in the car, and more …
A rarity: The gorgeous rose pattern.
Exceptionally stylish and designed in beautiful colours, this blanket has been manufactured in Italy with the utmost care. There’s simply no comparison to the cheap imitations from the Far East. The trendy rose print features elegant shading, showing real attention to detail. The back is kept in a single, neutral shade – meaning it looks great with any décor. The edges are finished with an intricate blanket stitch.
Completely unicoloured available on demand.
Measures 150 x 200cm (4ft9" x 6ft5"). 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Machine wash up to 30°C (in normal cycle).
Elegant Fleece Blanket “Unicolor”


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