Designer Soap Dispenser

Nicer, cleaner, and more sanitary: The designer soap dispenser without corners and edges.

High-end matte stainless steel and durable plastic. Winner of the 2008 “iF Product Design Award”.
There is no screw cap or pump lever interfering with the straight lines of the design. Liquid soap cannot settle into corners, edges, or grooves.
Easy to refill. Easy to operate with one hand.
Just fill the plastic reservoir with liquid soap, place the stainless steel cylinder on top, then tap gently. The pump system always provides the exact same amount so nothing is wasted. The 5cm (2”) diameter reservoir base keeps the dispenser stable. Unlike lower-quality dispensers, it does not leave oxidation stains on the edge of your sink.
Much cleaner and more sanitary than any piece of soap.
Use this elegant measuring dispenser in the bathroom, kitchen, and guest toilet: The matte 18/10 stainless steel won’t show any fingerprints, and stains from water drops can be removed with a quick wipe. Design: Claus Jensen, Henrik Holbæk. Measures approx. 18 x 5cm (7" x 2") (H x diam.). Weighs approx. 320g (11.3 oz).

Designer Soap Dispenser

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