Unlike most book lights, you can clip this one to the book spine and evenly light up both book pages.


At last a reading light that lights up both pages simultaneously.

Perfectly illuminates all formats up to A4. The special clip makes it perfect for paperbacks, too.
Simply clip your BookLight to the centre of the book spine or into the book fold. Touch the switch in the lamp head and the extra bright LED (approx. 6 lm instead of the standard approx. 2 lm) will cast light on the double page – and thanks to the convex lens without any disturbing shadows. Plus the clip is slim enough to not get in the way when you turn a page. Also ideal for paperbacks.
Smoothly extendable pivoting 8cm (3") flexi-arm. Also perfect to light up formats up to A4 (approx. 30 x 21cm or 11 4⁄5" x 8 1⁄3").
This enables you to individually adjust the angle of the light beam so neither you nor your partner will be blinded by the glare. LED bulb lasts up to 100,000 hours.
Measures 15.5 x 3 x 3cm (6" x 1 1⁄5" x 1 1⁄5"); extendable to a length of 23.5cm (9 1⁄3"). Only weighs approx. 60g (2 oz) including both micro-batteries (separately available). You can also use the clip to fasten the light to your breast pocket.


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