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Probably the most attractive, functional place to rest your spoons and other utensils. By Alessi.

Stylish. Matt finish. Lots of extra features. Italian design.

Silky soft with a luxurious thick pile and subtle colouring – yet surprisingly affordable.

Rapid assistance in heavy rain, high water and flooding.

Always have the right glasses. With a turn you adjust the lens strength to suit your needs.

At last: Headphones you can fall asleep in comfortably. Ultra-slim. Extremely flexible.

Travel in style with everything you need to hand.

Tiny light with a huge output. 4 luminosity levels. Small enough to put in your pocket.

Ingenious combination of a USB car charger and essential emergency tool.

Versatile, very long and light as a feather. Made of Japanese paper yarn. Design by Betty Gabrielle, Paris.

Spreads a particularly warm and gentle light. In tune with natural and ethnic trends.

With 4K camera - open the box and fly. Superior technology.

Professional life portrayed with a pinch of irony and lovingly captured in an exaggerated manner.

A close match to professional tripods, yet very affordable.

Softly padded, with 5-fold adjustable backrest and hardwearing textile cover.

Battery powered pineapple lamps provide fresh summer accents on your table – perfect for parties.

One of the smallest camera drones in the world. A real stunt pilot that masters 360° moves.

With 60km/h (38.3mph) horizontal speed and full HD camera. Flies non-stop for 25 minutes!

With electronic theft & loss protection, GPS tracking, digital TSA lock, built-in luggage scale & power bank.

All in one fitness tracking for running and swimming.

Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

Exquisite eye-catchers to keep things orderly. Design: Piero Lissoni, 2010.

The first-class seat for mobile phones, music players, cameras, etc.

Turns every cupboard door into a towel rack. Simply hang it over the door. For the kitchen & bathroom.

Sigmund Freud’s famous couch rug: Probably the most remarkable workplace for your computer mouse.

An enchanting decoration – and a beautiful way to hand out your gifts.

The elegant home for your garden hose. Made of powder-coated steel.

Stylish handbag charm. And in case of emergency, an immediately accessible alarm.

America's favourite fan – now even more powerful (and better looking).Powerful enough for rooms up to 120m²(!)

Cheese fondue XXL for 4 to 12 people. Extremely sturdy, ideal at holding and evenly distributing heat.

Chic and practical rain protection that’s easy to wear under or over your coat or jacket.

Just pull the loop to unroll the nautiloop® to its full size

Makes working at your PC a lot more fun. Officially licensed.

Venetian splendour: Shimmering gold and silver, embedded in luxurious Murano glass beads. Handmade.

Extremely robust yet lightweight. Reliable protection.

Plays music and softly lulls your little darling to sleep at the push of a button.

Serving bowl, storage, decorative object, lantern ...

Read even the small print with ease. Magnifies 5 to 28 times, or up to 250 times on your TV screen.

The latest trend – electric roller skating. With a top speed of up to 11.8mph.*

Brilliant crystal glass in a classic cylinder shape. Base and edge luxuriously adorned with silver plating.

Extra safety for cyclists. Approved for road use.

Power bank and USB charger in one for your mobile devices. With plug types for more than 150 countries.

Sanitary. Dry. Ready to hand. Stylish.

Made from veneered bentwood in a contemporary oak colour, it safely stores four of your favourite pairs.

Beautiful as a table decoration, on the mantelpiece, the windowsill, in a Christmas flower arrangement ...

20 years of Bogner Leather. The anniversary bag is a classic yet trendier than ever.

Flowery, fruity, woody and exceptionally feminine. “First” – the first fragrance worldwide by a jeweller.

USB stick with cult appeal. Officially licensed characters from the Star Wars films.

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