Mite-Proof Travel Sleeping Bag

Evolon® is the first dustmite proof protective cover with the ECARF Seal of Quality.

Mite-Proof Travel Sleeping Bag

At last a dustmite proof sleeping bag. Perfect for people with allergies.

Tested and certified by TÜV Rhineland (Germany – Report No. 423334006/01 and /02).
This cosy sleeping bag, which will fit any hand luggage, will keep pollen, dust mites, fungi and other allergy triggers away from you. Even the tiniest of particles sized 10-40 µm (1 µm = 1/1000 mm) cannot penetrate the extremely dense microfibre fabric made from Evolon®.
You’ll always be resting in a hygienically perfect environment from head to toe.
Pillow cover (to be filled from underneath) and sleeping bag are made from a single piece. Which means that nothing can slip, even when you turn in your sleep. You can even use the hotel’s bed cover without worry: A 20cm (7.7") wide section on the sleeping bag folds back and prevents all contact with your face. The 70cm (27.5") side zip makes it easy to slip into and completely closes the protective sleeping cover.
The good feeling of sleeping in your own bedding.
Comfortable in both cool and warm nights. The extremely dense but breathable microfibre fabric constantly keeps your body temperature at a comfortable level. However, moisture can evaporate outwards without being absorbed like it would in cotton, for example.
Washable at 95°C, dryer-proof.
Size: 220 x 85cm (7ft2" x 2ft7") (L x W). Weighs 520g (18.3 oz), incl. bag. Only takes up 30 x 37cm (11.7" x 14.5") (H x W) when folded down in the supplied carrying bag. 70% polyester, 30% polyamide.
(Delivery without pillow.)

Mite-Proof Travel Sleeping Bag

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