Potty Feet, Set of 3

  • Bronze look. And easily bear more than 50 kilos.
  • Your plant pots can’t tip over.

Decorative bunny figurines provide more free space under your plant pots.

The original spacers prevent pooling water, water rings and give the plants more air to breathe.

Just place these charming bunnies under your plant tub and the vessels are held 1.8 cm above the ground. This makes it harder for rings of dirt or moisture to form. And you prevent scratches and scraps. Excess water or rainwater runs off more quickly. Your plants don‘t get wet feet, and the better air circulation counteracts mould, dirt and pests.
Bronze look. And easily bear more than 50 kilos.
The metallic brown tone make Potty Feet look like bronze. Just as stylish, but much cheaper, these figures are actually made of polyresin - a very robust, supportive material. Resists rain, heat and even frost (-19 °C to +39 °C).
Your plant pots can’t tip over.
Upright stance, the finely detailed bunnies securely hold your containers. The base block of the same material is concealed behind the bunny figure. Each measure 2.75″ x 1.4″ x 3.14″. Each weigh 0.03 oz. Easy to wipe clean.


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