El Estribo® Riding Boots

The original from Spain: Riding Boots from El Estribo®. Boot specialist for over 30 years.

Traditionally sewn welt for the greatest wearing comfort.
There are very few boots which can be found in the fashion spreads of glossy magazines as well as in the forums for
traditional shoemaker craftsmanship. These riding boots from the El Estribo® brand are such a rare example.
Goodyear welted® makes the difference.
The Spanish manufacturers still produce the boots with a sewn welt. Unlike shoes which are simply glued, these have a flexible frame sewn to the insole. This makes the boot far more supple, so it can adjust to the complicated anatomy of the foot – and not the other way around. Your foot will mould its own fantastically comfortable bed into the breathable, watertight cork layer situated between the insole and outsole.
Uncompromising quality that will last for years.
The design reflects the 30-plus years of experience: The asymmetric shaft has a taller curve on the outer face borrowed from dressage boots. This “dressage curve” makes your legs look longer and looks very elegant. This riding boot has a 2.7cm (1") heel making it perfect for all types of casual trousers and skirts. The rear zip makes them very easy to take on and off. A bar at the back adjusts the calf width. Height of boot: 42cm (16 1⁄2"). Upper and lining in leather. Rubber outsole. Made in Spain. Exclusively available via internet and by mail order from the Fashion Classics catalogue.

El Estribo® Riding Boots

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