Toscana Lamb Accessories

Soft Toscana lambskin for icy weather.

Superbly warm, soft accessories by Nursey & Son, since 1790.
Spanish “Tuscan” lamb is regarded as one of the finest qualities of fleece in the world. It is particularly long-haired, delicate, soft and light – and rare. Tim Nursey in England has been using it to make very traditional warm accessories for decades.
The hat, with its wide fur brim, is reminiscent of the birettas of bygone centuries. The inside of the black crown is made from warm but short-haired lambskin. Cosy and soft, this fashionable accessory will keep you warm without feeling scratchy.
The scarf keeps your neck warm; Worn as a fur collar, it will enhance any pullover, classic coat or leather jacket. With neatly piped slit for passing the ends through.
Muffs have been in existence since the 16th century. Now they are more fashionable than ever. The inside of this one is made entirely from soft, warm Toscana lamb – a sensual experience for your hands. With robust cord to hang around the neck. Toscana lambskin in grey heather. Made in England.

Toscana Lamb Accessories

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