Bufalino Leather Belt

Sturdy but still surprisingly soft.

The belt in rare buffalo leather. Handmade by Fausto Colato, Italy.
Softer, more flexible, and far more hardwearing than most belts made of cow or pig leather: Unlike common types of leather, this buffalo leather has a natural rustic appearance – and is neither embossed, polished nor treated with wax. Thanks to its durability, the belt does not deform and always fits perfectly. Experts cut, sew, and dye the leather by hand in an elaborate process (without chemical treatment). Even the nickel-free metal buckle is hand forged in Italy and completes the rustic look perfectly. The ideal accessory for your favourite jeans. Width 4cm (1 2⁄3").

Bufalino Leather Belt

Colour: Grey

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Order Size: 34" - (Manufacturer's Size: 85cm)

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