Andrea Zori Braided Jeans Belt

Striking blue topstitching makes this braided belt just perfect for jeans.

Hand braided like a tube. By Andrea Zori, Italy.
Most braided belts are made from a single braid. However, this belt by Andrea Zori has been hand-braided like a tube right up to the tip. This makes it particularly durable and valuable. Narrow strips of saddle leather made from cognac-coloured calfskin have been adorned with blue topstitching which gives the belt an usual look that looks especially nice with jeans. The strips are interwoven end to end and then pressed. This process eliminates protruding edges that could catch in the belt loops. The belt will not stretch either (unlike many simple braided belts).
Breathes. Gives. And always fits.
The braiding lets air pass through and prevents the unpleasant build-up of heat around the waistband. It’s very flexible and extremely comfortable to wear. Belt holes not required. Just simply fit the pin through any area of the braiding – the result is a belt that will fit any size perfectly. Calfskin. Zinc buckle. Width: 3.5cm (1 2⁄5"). Exclusively available via internet and by mail order from the Fashion Classics catalogue.

Andrea Zori Braided Jeans Belt

Colour: Cognac

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Order Size: 38" - (Manufacturer's Size: 95cm)

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