AluPen™ or AluPen Pro™

Far more precise … and finally an end to fingerprints on your touchscreen.

Tip made from extra soft, conductive rubber. For iPads, Android tablets and many other touchscreens. Now also available as an elegant ballpoint pen.
The AluPen™ has already picked up 5 different design prizes, and was nominated for the German Design Award 2013. And quite rightly so, too: For this ingenious pen in solid aluminium is an elegant and clever touchpen. Weighing in at just 30g (1 oz), it sits wonderfully in your hand – even if you have to write a series of emails, or are trawling through your itinerary, work will be a breeze.
Both pens have an ultra soft tip made from conductive rubber, ideal for iPads, …
iPods, iPhones, Palm devices, Android tablets and all other capacitive displays that work using the conductivity of the pen or your finger: You can type and draw precisely – in fact, far more precisely than with your own fingertip. And: You won’t leave any unsightly marks on the display that can make it difficult to read. Includes pen case for safe storage.
AluPen Pro™: With an incorporated ballpoint pen and replacement rubber tip.
The Pelikan® refill has a stainless steel tip and a tungsten carbide ball point. Point size: M (1mm in diam.). Suitable for legal documents according to ISO 12757-2. Colour: Black.
The AluPen™ measures 12cm (4 7⁄10") in length, 13mm (1⁄2") in diam., weighs 27g (1 oz), the AluPen Pro™ is 13,5cm (5 1⁄3") long, 10mm (2⁄5") in diam., weighs 17g (0.6 oz).

AluPen™ or AluPen Pro™

Colour: Silver


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  • The conductive tip lets you work precisely on all displays that work using surface tension (can also be used on displays that are operated using pressure).

  • Twist the AluPen Pro™ to turn it into an elegant ballpoint pen.