Magnifying Glass with zoom

The first magnifying glass with zoom function. Magnifies without distortion from 2.2 to 3.4x.

Quality product “Made in Germany”. By Eschenbach.
Slightly rotate the lens ring on this magnifying glass – and your newspaper print, instruction leaflet, small print in contracts etc. is magnified by 2.2 to 3.4x. The images will stay sharp and bright right to the edge of the glass. The secret lies in the ingenious double-lens system: For the very first time the benefits of aspherical handheld magnifying glasses are combined with the light accumulating effect of a reading stone.
The reading area is 30% brighter than with conventional reading magnifiers. Without electricity or batteries.
The curvature of the upper meniscus lens does the trick. The aspherical lens underneath creates the crystal-clear, distortion-free image and the high zoom factor.
No need to tediously focus like you would with a regular magnifying glass.
The magnifying glass glides smoothly over the surface – always at the same distance from the print. You’ll see a stabilised zoomed section 3.5cm (1 2⁄5") in diameter in a comfortable reading position from the top. Measures a compact 8.2 x 4cm (3 1⁄5" x 1 2⁄3") (diam. x H), weighs 132g (4.6 oz).

Magnifying Glass with zoom

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  • The zoom works just like an objective lens: The distance between the lenses changes as you rotate the ring.