Ingenious: A folding pocket knife the size of a credit card. Perfect for wallets and handbags.

0.08 inches flat. Weighs 0.5 ounces. Always at hand, never in the way.
Hard to believe but true: This 2.2mm (2⁄25") flat “credit card” turns into a functional pocket knife in seconds. The knife has a sharp, 65mm (2 1⁄2") long blade made of rustproof surgical steel and a sturdy 85mm (3 2⁄5") handle with thumb support and finger guard. Perfect to open packages, cut plastic, cardboard, fruit, etc.
The trick: A folding and locking mechanism aligns the card to the handle and firmly holds the blade in a safe position.
Folded down, the blade is safely embedded in the card which is made of robust polypropylene. A latch keeps the blade from releasing unintentionally. Measures 8.6 x 5.4 x 0.2cm (3 2⁄5" x 2 1⁄10" x 2⁄25") (W x H x D), only weighs 14g (0.5 oz). Design: Iain Sinclair.


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  • Simply open the lock, release and unfold the blade, then fold down the smaller side of the card followed by the larger side – done.